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Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Vaccinations for Kittens

Way to go! Congratulations on welcoming a precious kitten into your home. Aside from giving your cute new friend all the cuddles you can, it’s important to stay on top of the vaccines that they need at this point of their life. Making sure that they’re vaccines are updated now will set your kitten up for a healthy life in the years to come. Feel free to call us at 705.742.4243 to schedule your kitten’s vaccine appointment and to ask any further questions about their wellbeing.

When should kittens get their first vaccination?

Your kitten will usually receive their first vaccine shot at around 6 to 8-weeks-old.

How often does my kitten need to be vaccinated?

Your veterinarian will likely recommend your kitten to be vaccinated every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16-weeks-old.

Why is it important to vaccinate my kitten?

As they are not yet fully grown, kittens are particularly vulnerable at their young age. Vaccines are an easy way to protect them against health conditions that can stunt their growth and that can even be potentially fatal. Some of the medical issues that vaccines protect your kitten from are: feline distemper, respiratory infections, leukemia, calicivirus and rabies.

Does my kitten only need core vaccines?

Core vaccines are mandatory and even required by law (e.g. the rabies shot). Your pet’s veterinarian may also recommend additional vaccines depending on your pet’s unique situation. Barn cats or those who travel a lot with their owners are more likely to be exposed to harmful diseases, and would require more protection than feline friends who spend most of their time indoors.


Vaccinations for Cats

Congrats! Your precious kitten has fully grown into a healthy cat, with a personality of their own. Although they may seem like they can take on anything, they still need continued protection from harmful diseases. It is important that your cat receives their vaccines all throughout their life. Missing even just one shot, or falling out of schedule can leave them vulnerable to disease transfer.

How often do cats need to be vaccinated?

Our team here at Champlain Animal Hospital usually vaccinates cats once per year or once every three years. That being said, your feline friend may need more or less shots depending on their health condition, lifestyle and environment.

Do indoor cats need to be vaccinated?

Yes! Did you know that dangerous diseases and parasites can get to your pet even if they never step their paws outside of your home? For example, ticks and fleas can use you, other people or other animals as a means of transportation to get inside your home and onto your pet. Those living in high-rise buildings are not exempt from this rule! Plus, some shots like the rabies vaccine are actually legally required, and you can face serious consequences if you leave your pet untreated.


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Is Rabies Virus Really A Risk For My Pet

Rabies is one of the oldest and most feared viral infections of all time. Despite having a vaccine available, every year, there are 55,000 human deaths worldwide. Of the 25 human deaths from rabies in Canada, the most recent was in 2012, and all happened after exposure to bats. In Canada, there were 239 cases of animal rabies in 2017 and 183 in 2018.

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Last updated: March 18, 2022.

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