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Veterinary Exam

As a responsible pet owner, making sure that your pet sees our veterinary team for their routine wellness exams is a must on your To-Do List. Veterinary exams are beneficial even for pets who are perfectly healthy and especially for older pets or those with pre-existing health conditions. Here at Champlain Animal Hospital, we recommend that your pet sees our team once or twice per year for a comprehensive exam. To schedule your furry family member’s next consultation, please call us at 705.742.4243.

Why is a veterinary examination so important?

Routine veterinary exams will allow us to detect any underlying health conditions your pet may be suffering from. Many conditions do not have easily visible symptoms, especially in their early stages. It is better to get ahead of these problems before they worsen. Also, veterinary exams are the perfect opportunity to have a conversation about your pet’s health and seek the expert advice of your veterinarian and the rest of our care team. Your pet’s healthcare will adapt and change in the span of their lifetime, so it’s important to maintain a close partnership with our team so that we can always provide the treatments that will best meet their current needs.

What happens during a routine exam?

Your veterinarian will usually start things off with a full visual exam of your pet from head to toe. Their temperature and weight might also be taken followed by diagnostics such as bloodwork and X-rays if necessary. Suggestions on vaccines, supplements, diet, exercises and treatments that your pet needs may also be given to you. You will have ample time to speak with your veterinarian and discuss anything about your pet’s wellbeing (e.g. their behaviour, eating/drinking habits, diet, breathing, lifestyle).

How long does a veterinary exam take?

On average, routine veterinary exams usually take about 15 to 30 minutes. We suggest that you put aside about 1 hour of your time just in case of any unforeseen delays. We understand that life is busy and sometimes unexpected things occur – if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment please call our team right away, so that we can give your spot to another furry friend in need.

How much does a veterinary check-up cost?

Please call us for our latest service rates. As with other aspects of pet healthcare, prices will depend on many factors. For example, appointments that require additional exams or diagnostics tests (e.g. heartworm test, fecal test, allergy test) will cost more than other consultations.


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