Parasite Control & Prevention

Year-round parasite prevention is essential to protect your pet from internal & external parasites.

Our team here at Champlain Animal Hospital takes your pet’s immunity seriously. Through regular vaccines and preventive medications, we can protect your furry family member against harmful mites, ticks, fleas and other parasites. Once they find your pet as their host, they cause significant irritation, pain and can even trigger severe medical issues. To learn more about the parasite prevention options that we have for your pet, please call our team at 705-742-4243.

How can you tell if your pet has fleas and/or ticks?

If your pet gets fleas or ticks, you may notice them excessively licking and scratching themselves. They may also experience redness and bleeding of their skin as well as hair loss. Aside from this, you can actually see fleas and ticks on your pet’s fur or skin. Fleas look like black pepper. (This makes them easier to spot on furry friends with lighter coloured fur.) Ticks look a lot like skin tags and as they eat more and more of your pet’s blood, they will get larger in size.

Do pets need parasite protection in the winter?

Definitely! Many assume that fleas and ticks are pests to worry about in the summertime. The truth is, they can actually survive even in the winter, and can reproduce especially if they make their way into your home! Year-round parasite preventive medications are the best way to keep your furry friend protected.

Do indoor cats need parasite protection?

They really do! Parasites can make their way into your home through other animals (e.g. other pets, cockroaches) and even through you by way of your clothes or other possessions. Even if your cat spends 100% of their time indoors, they still need protection, though perhaps not as much as say a barn cat or a hunting dog.

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