Veterinary Referrals

Providing pets with specialized care to address specific health needs with expert attention.

As a full service practice, our team here at Champlain Animal Hospital accepts patients referred to us by our colleagues at other veterinary clinics. Welcome! If you have any questions about your pet’s upcoming consultation or procedure, please do not think twice about calling us at 705-742-4243. We treat all patients that walk through our doors as if they were our own!

How do I get a veterinary referral?

In order for our team to be recommended to care for your pet, you will first need to get a referral from your primary veterinarian. They will be able to make the best suggestion on which hospital will be able to handle your pet’s unique case.

What information should I bring with me to your hospital?

You really don’t have to bring much of anything other than yourself and your furry family member. Your veterinary team would have already forwarded us your pet’s medical records and any other important information that we should be aware of.

What is a veterinary referral hospital?

This just means that compared with other practices here in our community, our team has the facilities, time and expertise to treat more complex medical cases and patients. All of the veterinary hospitals in our area have the common goal of caring for all of the animals here, and so we collaborate and share our resources whenever we can.

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